A Young Living Essential Oils Team

July 2016

Oils for Grieving

Grieving is such a personal process, that I don’t think there’s a one size fits all for anyone. I shared my story HERE of how I came to use oils for grieving. My story is just as unique as yours, so I’ll be sharing what I used, along with some other oils that you may […] Read more

Unexpected Turn

I guess when you have a child with a congenital heart defect, you should expect the unexpected. I didn’t. Everything was going great for Jaden, and he had just had a routine heart cath and been home a few days. On Monday evening, February 15th, I gave him his meds, set up his feeding pump, […] Read more

Our Adoption Story

Ever since Ryan and I were teenagers, we felt God’s calling on us to adopt. Imagine our shock when we were dating and discovered the other felt the same way! While he was in the Air Force, our lives were too much in transit, and we didn’t have the money to pursue adoption. Enter our […] Read more

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