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I'm a mom of 8 who is exploring how to use Young Living essential oils in our daily lives to live healthier every day. Join me as I learn more about this amazing gift God gave us in His creation.

Therapeutic Grade

Many experts are very concerned about the fact that some oils are adulterated, engineered, or “extended” with the use of synthetic chemicals. For instance, according to the Essential Oils Desk Reference: “Pure frankincense is often extended with colorless, odorless, solvents such as diethylphthalate or dipropylene glycol…unfortunately, a large percentage of essential oils marketed in the […] Read more


Eric Worre says:  “Would it surprise you to know that teaching is one of the best ways to learn?  If you want to really master something, teach it to others.  Teaching burns a groove in your brain like nothing else can.” I took piano lessons for around 12 years from the best teacher that was […] Read more

Learn by Listening and Reading

This is my second post in my building your business series. If you missed the first one, go here to read it! It’s been said that Leaders are Readers and Learners are Earners.  That’s a nice cliche, but is it true? Let’s break that down.  If you are leading your team, how are you learning? […] Read more

Trouble Sleeping

From time to time, I have trouble sleeping. As anyone with sleeping problems knows, this can lead to other problems in life.  Headaches, inability to handle stress, and weakened immune system, and the list just goes on.  Before I knew about Young Living Essential Oils, I would take pills to help me get to sleep.  It […] Read more

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