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I am a father of 9 and husband to the wonderful Kimberly! While this business started with Kim, we are now working it together! I quit my job at the beginning of April 2015 and we are working together to further this business and build our teams! Outside of that, I enjoy woodworking and working on my computer.

MyOilSite.com Review

Overview: This MyOilSite.com review hopes to provide as comprehensive a review as is possible.  It aims to highlight its pros & cons.  I talked with Michael, developer and graphic designer.  He also has a couple of other developers on his team working the site.  MyOilSite.com launch during the 2014 Build Your Dream Grand Int’l Convention.  So […] Read more

A Husbands Story

I am Ryan, Kim’s husband.  I felt like sharing my side of our story in hopes that this would encourage those women out there whose husbands are not sympathetic.  As you have read in other posts, Kim has been at this business for more than 3 years now.  Things have grown beyond our wildest dreams! […] Read more

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