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Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards Saves You Money!


You’re considering signing up as a distributor for Young Living, or maybe you already have, and you keep hearing about Essential Rewards.  What is that?  What are the requirements?  I can earn points for free product???

Essential Rewards is a customizable autoship program, available to wholesale members, where you choose the date and choose the products each month, and you can change both as needed!

If you are a member of Young Living and haven’t yet signed up for Essential Rewards (ER), you are losing money!

If you’re like me, you like to budget for what you need each month. The Essential Rewards program helps you do that while earning points for FREE product at the same time!

ER offers discounted shipping, exclusive products, and reward points based on your monthly purchases. If you decide to join, you need only sign up to purchase 50 PV per month. This is a great way to budget and “try out” the various oils available, while saving money as you build your own natural arsenal! And the ability to change your order every month to get exactly what your family needs makes this program all the more valuable!

If you decide to pursue the business opportunities, it also qualifies you for certain commissions and bonuses (with an order of 100PV/month). Here are a few main points to consider:

  • FREE to sign up
  • No obligation to continue
  • Discounted Shipping ($6.98 for the first 5 lbs!)
  • Earn points for up to 25% back in FREE products
  • Qualify for exclusive collections

If you’re serious about essential oils, this program is a MUST!

Months on Essential Rewards – Points Earned

  • Months 1–3 earn 10%
  • Months 4–24 earn 20%
  • Months 25+ earn 25%

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Sign up for Essential Rewards by logging into your Young Living account and clicking on “Essential Rewards” or calling 1-800-371-3515. Have your member number and product you want to order ready.

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