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This MarketMSO.com review hopes to provide as comprehensive a review as is possible.  It aims to highlight its pros & cons.  I spoke with Boyd Tiffin, Product Manager, to learn what they offer and how the system is set up.  To do this Boyd walked me through the site via a join.me session so I was able to see how things worked and ask questions as we went along.  While doing this, I could see that the system was very well put together!  And I understood that they have a lot of plans for future enhancements.  A member of my team also granted me access to her website so I could review a live site.

MarketMSO touts itself as being able to replace YL Family, MarketingScents, and Simple Downline.  YL Family is a program you can install on your computer to be able to run reports and get very detailed information about your downline.  However, it is an after action report because YL Family, uses the downline report CSV file that we can get from Young Living after the end of the month.  MarketingScents is another web site company that offers e-mail campaigns and contact management.  Simple Downline is primarily an e-mail campaign tool to be able to keep in touch with your downline.  We use it to send out e-mails to members about to go inactive, and you can run reports of new enrollees, new rankings, incomplete signups, and many others.  One big difference is Simple Downline is near real-time (NRT) as they have an agreement with Young Living where then download data directly from Young Living servers every few minutes.  These are pretty high claims and I will be evaluating it based on these claims.


MarketMSO has two different subscription plans.  Their $15/mon plan is call the DIY plan where you do all the updates.  They do not do the pulls from Young Living sources.  You get more customization options with this plan, but most people do not need the extra complexity.  For only another $5/mon (at $20/mon), you can subscribe to their Time Saver package.  This package includes automated updates from Young Living sources.

They also have an add-on option they call MSO Data.  This provides you with much needed business tools like reporting and graphic, contact management, and custom e-mail campaigns.  The MSO Data add-on is an additional $15/mon to your plan.  Right now, the MSO Data is populated by importing the downline report CSV file that we can get from Young Living.  This file costs $5/report.  If you have the Advanced Virtual Office (personal website, PWS) with Young Living, they will send you 2 reports for free.  So there is that additional cost.  According to Boyd though, they should have the NRT feed up and running by the end of 2015.  One nice they they have done is that if an upline imports their file into their MSO Data, nobody in their downline will have to import their file.

So overall, MarketMSO is the 2nd most expensive site that I reviewed, but even at that the average annualized cost is only $300, it is still reasonable for the abilities it provides business builders.  They also charge a modest one-time $65 setup fee to set up your site, which since it is a one-time fee, I did not include that in the annualized cost (so your first year total would be $485).  However, they have an amazing referral program!!  Your account is credited $5 for every person that you refer, AS LONG AS THEIR ACCOUNT IS ACTIVE!  So refer 7 members and your account is FREE.  They don’t stop there though!  Any referred members beyond your full payment ($15-35), is still credited to your account and you can use those funds in a soon to be released store that offers professional graphic design services, like logo ($200), business card (TBD), and stationary (TBD) design.  All designs include unlimited design and revisions.  You WILL like your design or they do it over again!

If cost is a concern of yours, then I would recommend going with the DIY package and after you get your first referral upgrade to the Time Saver package and you will not see a real rise in cost.  After 3-4 referrals add the MSO Data add-on.  This way you are not noticing a real increase in cost!

Ease of Use:

The website and back office are easy to navigate.  The website is graphically pleasing and well designed.  It is mobile responsive, so you will appear in search results on mobile platforms and people will be more likely to stay on your site because they are not having to scroll around to read the site.

As I previously stated, the cheaper, DIY, package is is more customizable, but it doesn’t have the updating perks.  I think that paying the extra $5/mon is beneficial enough to be able to get the automated updates and additional content and it is worth losing the additional customization.  Their accounting side allows you to easily change your subscription so you can upgrade at any time!

In the process of writing this review, I heard back from Boyd that they are anticipating their NRT data feed to be available by the end of the year!  This also opens the possibility if they desire to offer their MSO Data only access to those that have already paid for a web site (like we did).  From what I have been able to test, they getting really close to be able to replace YL Family, MarketingScents, and Simple Downline.  I say close because YL Family offers better report customization at this point, even if it is old data.  I know several Diamonds and above that depend on it every day because of how flexible it is.


MarketMSO updates all content outside of your personal blog posts and profile.  Eventually, when they get the NRT data feed, more things will be automated and you won’t have to import the downline reports every month.


Part of your signup process is to select a domain name, and the cost of that domain is rolled into the price.  This is one of the few providers that does this.  So you own a domain that you can transfer to another hosting company if you like in the future.

Back Office:

MarketMSO is built on WordPress, so it is very easy to navigate.  Also, they have not changed much of the back office making it more familiar.  You not only get plugins to monitor your site, events, and blog; but you also get options for additional functionality by just asking.  The MSO Data features are available under the main site (under the Admin top navigation) and not the back office (where I would have preferred them).


MarketMSO has a ton of features, but what I like best about it is its integration of real business building tools.


  • Built on WordPress
  • Event calendar w/RSVP capability
    • Can also tie in with WooCommerce to sell tickets to an event
  • Custom contact management system
  • E-mails automatically sent to contacts in the Prospects, Product Users, and Business Builders groups
  • Reports include Going Inactive, ER Missing Out (missing out on the benefits of ER), and Top Enroller reports
  • Reports show graphs from 12 months of data
  • You can build custom e-mail campaigns
  • You can create as many groups as you want, and as add any contacts to as many groups as you want
  • They have also made sure that if you and your upline put somebody in a group, they will only receive one e-mail
  • They have other plugins already installed, but just deactivated and if you want to use them you just have to ask
  • They automatically import blog posts from the YL Blog, Gary Young’s Blog and the Young Living’s YouTube page


  • Not currently NRT data, but they are working on it
  • Limited customization with the Time Saver package
  • Additional customization with the DIY package, but at the cost of updates
  • Location of the MSO Data.  I would prefer it in the back office, not on the main site, even if it requires a login to view.


I initially heard about MarketMSO while at Convention this year.  Some team members expressed interest in it.  One sent me Boyd’s name and number.  I sent him an e-mail and he responded within the day.  We scheduled the call for the following day.

One team member noticed that they did not have an up-to-date list of all the farms.  She provided them an updated list.  They had it updated before the end of Convention!

Many of the basic things that a site owner will need to do are documented on MarketMSO’s YouTube channel.  Simply find the video for the tutorial you want to do and watch it.  It will show you what and how to do what you are looking for.


Overall, I really liked MarketMSO.  The capability that it provides are not available in any of the other products I reviewed!  I think that the biggest things are yet to come for users of this site!  I will definitely be keeping my eye on their progress!  A+ for sure!


I am a father of 9 and husband to the wonderful Kimberly! While this business started with Kim, we are now working it together! I quit my job at the beginning of April 2015 and we are working together to further this business and build our teams! Outside of that, I enjoy woodworking and working on my computer.

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