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MYO Body Butter

I’ve been trying to experiment with different MYO recipes to try and get some of the nasty chemicals out of our house 🙂  I’m pretty picky about some things, so this can be challenging.  Today I’m going to tell you how I made my own body butter and how much I love it 🙂  Granted, I have never used body butter before, but I like this and find it a great alternative to the Lotion Stick that I made.  I still love the lotion stick though and it’s far more portable than body butter!

You’ll need:

1/2 cup Shea Butter
1/4 cup Coconut Oil
1/4 cup Almond Oil
15 drops Young Living Essential Oil of choice

(Note: This is another recipe that I got from somewhere, someplace, that I didn’t write down.  So, I am not the original creator of the recipe.  Sorry!)


Gather all ingredients


Melt shea butter and coconut oil in double boiler, microwave, or in a glass container sitting in a pan of boiling water.  Remove from heat and cool 30 minutes.


Add almond oil.


Add essential oil.  Cool completely, then refrigerate until it becomes mostly solid. (cooling completely before refrigeration helps keep the mixture from getting grainy from being cooled too quickly)


Beat with electric mixer.  If you do this for 2-3 minutes and it isn’t setting up, then stick back in the fridge….or freezer if you’re impatient!


Looks good!


Scoop into glass jars.  This nearly filled my pint jar.

Note: You could also make a large batch of this and do different scents by omitting the essential oil earlier and then mixing it in each container at this point.

I love it!  Next time I’ll add Vitamin E to it, but I didn’t think to do that this time.

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I’m a mom of 8 who is exploring how to use Young Living essential oils in our daily lives to live healthier every day. Join me as I learn more about this amazing gift God gave us in His creation.

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    I love this, Body butter recipe. I use the shea butter and coconut butter everyday a few times a day. How great is this idea for making it easy? Thanks for sharing.

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