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MYO Foot Scrub

A great last minute gift to make, and it’s super easy!

You’ll need:

1/4 cup epsom salts

1/4 cup sweet almond oil

1/8 tsp Vitamin E Oil (or two capsules, cut open and squeezed into the bowl!)

15 drops Essential Oil


Pour 1/4 cup of either coarse epsom salt in a bowl (Note: while salt works very well as an exfoliating agent, it can sting if it gets into open cuts or sores, so be sure to either warn recipients to only use on unbroken skin, or use sugar as your exfoliator instead).


Add 1/4 cup of sweet almond oil and stir together.


1/8 tsp Vitamin E oil


Add 15 drops of your favorite Young Living Essential Oil or Blend and stir.
Pour the mixture into either a small wide-mouth glass jar, or in a 4 oz. plastic salve container.


To use the scrub, place a small amount in the palm and scrub over moistened skin. Rinse off in a shower or tub (Note: the oils in this scrub can make the floor of the bathtub or shower rather slippery, so use extreme caution while rinsing off so you don’t fall).

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I’m a mom of 8 who is exploring how to use Young Living essential oils in our daily lives to live healthier every day. Join me as I learn more about this amazing gift God gave us in His creation.

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