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Nut Allergies

Food allergies can be tricky things.  And they can pop up out of no where when you are least expecting it.

That’s what happened recently to my friend.  Her daughter is allergic to almonds, and I wasn’t even aware that this could be a problem.  Thankfully, her little one is fine, but we both learned a lesson!  To help you out, here is the list of Young Living products that contain nuts in some form.  Please note that while you cannot be allergic to the essential oil themselves, if you are allergic to these nuts, you’ll want to avoid these products.  Please note that not all of these products are still available, but I wanted to publish the whole list in case you have some of these hiding in your closet!

As of August 2013, these are the products that have nuts in them (courtesy of Young Living):

The following products contain Almond Oil:

  • 3 Wise Men™
  • Acceptance™
  • Awaken™
  • Boswellia™ Wrinkle Cream
  • Cel-Lite Massage Oil™
  • Chivalry™
  • Cinnamint Lip Balm™
  • Dragon Time Massage Oil™
  • Genesis Hand and Body Lotion™
  • Grapefruit Lip Balm
  • Hope™
  • Into the Future™
  • KidScents Lotion® and Tender Tush®
  • Lavender Lip Balm
  • Lavender Volume Shampoo™
  • Lemon Sage Clarifying Shampoo™
  • Ortho Ease Massage Oil®
  • Ortho Sport Massage Oil®
  • Present Time™
  • Protec™
  • Relaxation Massage Oil™
  • Rosewood Moisturizing Shampoo™
  • SARA™
  • Satin Body Lotion™
  • Sensation Hand and Body Lotion™
  • Sensation Massage Oil™
  • V-6 Advanced Vegetable Oil Complex
  • White Angelica™
  • Wolfberry Eye Cream™
  • Valor® essential oil (has been changed to contain coconut)
  • Almond butter is used in Wolfberry Crisp Bars™.

The following item contains Cashews and Walnut Flavoring:

  • Wolfberry Crisp Bars

There are two products that contain Kiwi nut oil.

  • KidScents® Bath Gel
  • KidScents® Shampoo

I’m a mom of 8 who is exploring how to use Young Living essential oils in our daily lives to live healthier every day. Join me as I learn more about this amazing gift God gave us in His creation.

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    Thank you!!! We have tree nuts and peanut allergies.

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