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OilySites.com Review


This OilySites.com review hopes to provide as comprehensive a review as is possible.  It aims to highlight its pros & cons.

OilySites was not included in my original list of website providers because they are brand new (just released at the 2015 Convention), however when I posted about my review of the websites, the owner Kyler Boudreau contacted me asking if I would like to add his site.  I will revise the comparison page in the near future.


OilySites has 3 different pricing tiers; Basic ($20/mon), Pro ($25/mon), and Team ($50/mon).  They do not offer a multi-month or annual discount right now.  Nor do they have a referral discount available.  So your total maximum annual cost is $600, but it boils down to an average annual cost of $380.  This means that it is the second most expensive site I have reviewed, but there are some good reasons for that.

Ease of Use:

Graphically speaking, the websites are very well laid out.  Kyler is a graphic designer by trade and it shows.  He has enabled the ability to change just about anything on the site that you may want.  There are team protected areas including an area to post presentations and other tools, and a great area where you can create a team member specific landing pages.  To do this, OilySites built a custom plugin.  You simply have to “create” a new member (or tell your team members to create one with a password protect link), add their information, then it will appear on the “My Team” page (if you are paying for the “Team” pricing tier).  It is searchable and those team members are displayed on a map by their city so potential new members could choose somebody geographically close to them.  I would love to see the ability to import a CSV file from Young Living’s Downline Viewer report of all my leaders.  That CSV file could be easily edited to add links to social media, e-mail, and other content then imported to the Team Member plugin and it automatically creates the pages and accounts.

OilySites also created a custom synchronizing plugin for all YL products (for Pro and Team accounts).  Using this plugin, you can ensure that you have the latest set of products and compliant language for your website.  Unfortunately, this plugin is run manually and so users will have to remember to run it every so often.  All that is required to run it, is simply clicking a button to connect to one of OIlySites servers and download the updated information.  So it is an easy process, but it’s one that could easily be automated once/week.  This plugin also allows you to either break the essential oils into individual Singles and Blends pages or combine them into one page.

Another wonderful thing that OilySites has done is create OilySites University.  Simply, it is a site where he has created and posted videos of how to do common tasks on the site.  He is in the process of expanding this.  However, he didn’t pigeon hole it only for OilySites, some of the modules (SEO, for example) teach concepts that work across websites tools and it’s information you could take with you if you go to a different website solution.


Overall, maintenance of the website content is done by OilySites.  They do this through a support forum where a user can create a trouble ticket for problems, suggestions, or just to ask for a new page to be created.  One of their admins will login to your website and fulfill the request.  Or if it is something simple, they will point you in the direction so you can learn how to do it yourself.  They are very responsive on the requests.  I did not see any requests that went more than 1-2 days without being answered.


A 2nd level domain (www.example.com) is included in the cost of the website.  Users can either select a domain or select to go with a 3rd level domain (mysite.oilysites.com) to create their account.

Back Office:

This is one thing I was really surprised about, OilySites has provided a fully functional back office!  Meaning that you install new plugins, add posts (blog content) and pages, change your theme, and pretty much completely customize your website how you want.  I have mixed feelings about this.  On one hand, I think it’s wonderful that “power users”, like me, can do more.  For example, I can buy WooCommerce, or any other plugin, and extend the functionality of my website.  On the other hand, adding some plugins may cause compatibility issues within the site.  They told me that they can easily wipe and reload the site if there were any major issues.  This obviously brings up the question, “How am I going to get my content back on my website?”  That is why OilySites has, very wisely, included the “BackupBuddy” plugin with your subscription.  This plugin can be scheduled to accomplish regular backups of the site (database and/or files), and then it will zip it all up.  This zip file can either be e-mailed to you, kept locally stored on the server, or automatically posted to a 3rd party cloud storage site (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc).



  • Team member plugin
  • Product sync plugin
  • Clean, simple design
  • Complete customization
  • OilySites support forum and OilySites University
  • Full product catalog
  • Mobile responsive
  • Social media integration (for sharing and connecting with team members)


  • Most processes manually intensive (product sync, team member creation, etc)
  • Second most expensive site


OilySites support forums are very responsive.  I did not see anything that went more than a day or two without being answered.  Kyler was also very responsive in helping me figure things out as I was working on this review!


Overall, I think OilySites is a great site for distributors at any level!  One thing I would really like to see is that they should release the Team Member plugin on the open market (selling it, or course), so that distributors, like me, can add it to our websites and more easily add team landing pages.  I think they should do the same with the product sync plugin.  And as long as the content is compliant (in the process of writing the review, I found a couple things that were not compliant and OilySites said they were going to address), I would definitely purchase that as well.  I’m sure it would require a subscription to their servers for updates.  I definitely give OilySites.com an A+!


I am a father of 9 and husband to the wonderful Kimberly! While this business started with Kim, we are now working it together! I quit my job at the beginning of April 2015 and we are working together to further this business and build our teams! Outside of that, I enjoy woodworking and working on my computer.

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