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Our Adoption Story

Ever since Ryan and I were teenagers, we felt God’s calling on us to adopt. Imagine our shock when we were dating and discovered the other felt the same way! While he was in the Air Force, our lives were too much in transit, and we didn’t have the money to pursue adoption. Enter our biological children #1,2,3 & 4! At one point, we became certified to adopt through the state of Texas, but we left the state too soon to be matched. Enter bio children #5 & 6!

At this point, we decided to pursue special needs, private adoption. It didn’t take us long to be matched with a mom whose baby was due a week after the match. We got the call, and left 3 hours later for a city that was 8 hours away from home. What I didn’t know when I left is that I would not return home for nearly two months.

Our little boy was diagnosed with two different genetic disorders, with the most concerning being 22q, also known as DiGeorge. This caused a congenital heart defect, and he required open heart surgery at just 1 week old. Nothing could have prepared us for that, or the emotional turmoil we were in, every time there was a difficult decision to make. And truly, nothing can prepare you for the words, “we’ve called in the chaplain.”

Ryan was able to return home and be with the other kids in early December, while I stayed with Jaden until he could come home. With the adoption and insurance, the transfer we requested never went through, so I was there until Jaden could eat and gain enough weight.

While there, I used many different oils for myself. Fennel, release, joy, harmony, valor, peppermint, and a LOT of frankincense! I found these oils were really good at helping me maintain my emotions at a healthy level. Life in the PICU/NICU isn’t easy! And missing my kids over Thanksgiving and Christmas was really hard. I’m so thankful that many family and friends were able to come and see me during that time.

On January 11th, we were released and came home! I was so thrilled! Though I quickly discovered that I needed some extra emotional support, which came in the form of Trauma Life. While at the hospital, I truly felt like I was being held and there was nothing I could do to speed up the process of leaving. To be sure, I had some emotional healing that needed to be done on this front.

I’ll write again with another time that I needed many oils for emotions, but at this moment, we were thrilled to be home all together as a family and learning what life with a special needs/medically fragile infant was like 🙂


I’m a mom of 8 who is exploring how to use Young Living essential oils in our daily lives to live healthier every day. Join me as I learn more about this amazing gift God gave us in His creation.

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