A Young Living Essential Oils Team

Our Favorite Young Living Oils

Ryan’s Favorite Young Living Oils

I love Peppermint.  Just a drop on my tongue to support alertness and clear breathing!  I also put Lemon and Thieves in my water during the winter months to support a strong immune system.

Kim’s Favorite Young Living Oils

Frankincense is my top oil as it helps me feel more like hugging and less like screaming.  Vetiver and Joy keep me going on the hard days.  Wintergreen helps soothe muscle tension in my neck.

Kids’ Favorite Young Living Oils

Tyler, 12, uses SleepyIze to help settle down a restless mind so he can sleep.

Andrew, 10, likes Believe as it helps him have confidence (and he likes the smell).

Melia, 7, likes Thieves to support her immune system.

Eliana, 5, likes Lavender for everything!

Shawn, 3, likes whatever oil we are putting on and will ask for it many times.

Gideon, 4 mo, really enjoys the prediluted KidScents Oil Collection for when he’s having a rough day.

Pets’ Favorite Young Living Oils

Rosie, Toy Poodle, really enjoys the Animal Scents Collection!  The Animal Scents Shampoo makes her fur so soft and curly!

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