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Alex & Clarinda Olenslager    

I am a work at home mom of 5 kiddos-3 girls and 2 boys aged 11-4 and due in Sept 2015 with twins.  I have been married for 12 year to my hubby. We living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  I love homeschooling my older 3, learning more about essential oils, reading and photographing many things. I have been with Young Living since January 2012 and everyday we enjoy using Young Living Products because they have supported us while we dealt with high liver enzymes, pituitary tumors, hormone issues, illness, wintertime woes, stomach issues and so much more.  Sign up here  


Ben & Kayleigh Burrell

I am Kayleigh Burrell, a stay at home wife/mother of 3 beautiful girls ages 3, 2, and 4 months. We live in Central Indiana. My reason for starting Young Living was to help bring in a little extra income. Since then it has become so much more than that. I want to rid our lifestyle of toxic chemicals as well as helping others with a more natural way of life.  I use oils daily with my oldest two girls. Instead of dealing with the whiny, emotional mess I apply Frankincense, Vetiver, Joy, and Valor. Sign up here


Brian & Amanda Friedl

We began our journey with Young Living looking for ways to support learning for some of our children. It has grown from a possible solution into a complete lifestyle makeover. Our business has grown to a point where Brian is home full time and we have the privilege of helping others to achieve their health and financial goals. We’ve been so blessed on this journey and look forward to serving many more of you over the years!  Sign up here   


David & Lori Cody  

Hello! We are David & Lori Cody. Our family lives in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in southeast Ohio. We initially began using Young Living Essential Oils in an attempt to help our son who has learning challenges and behavioral problems. We saw marked improvement in his symptoms very quickly! Over time we have incorporated a variety of oils into his daily routine that are calming and help him focus. Our whole family uses the oils every day. We love them and want to share them with others!  Sign up here


Derin & Katrina Stidd   

We are Derin & Katrina Stidd and we live in Indiana with our 5 children who range in age from 2-11! Our Young Living business was bred out of a deep financial need and after we began to realize the potential this held, we began driving for the purpose of financial freedom so we can serve in full time ministry without any financial restraints; that we get to help people in their health and finances in the mean time is at times too good to be true!

We have fallen in love with these products that have helped us with our health support and cleaning out the chemicals in our home! You can find us on Facebook at Scents, Sense, and Cents or our website. Sign up here


Jeff & Melissa Edens

I am Melissa Edens, a renegade, crunchy, homeschooling Mama to six, and wife to Jeff, a soon-to-retire military Crunchy Skeptic-turned-oily-believer. We currently live in the eastern Virginia. I started looking at essential oils as a means to help my mother with some health concerns and promoting a healthy balanced body.  I was seeing them work so well in her that I really started using them for everything in our home from cleaning to kid needs like supporting mental focus and helping to stay nice to siblings.  My main goal is to provide a means for our family to travel and see the world, and to help those on my team reap the benefits and rewards they are seeking within their own Oily Journeys. I also hope my children will be able to work from home and live a life of free from 9-5 bosses, time constraints, poor health, and financial distress that can plague us all. And in all things, we are blessed. Sign up here  


Mathieu & Crystal Flickenger  

Hi! We are Mathieu and Crystal Flickinger and we have 6 blessings ages 10 down to 21 months and 1 currently being knit. We live in south central Kansas. We joined Young Living looking for healthy support of our already healthy habits and for our daughter’s lung support. We have prayerfully grown our business and have watched God do amazing things with it. Sign up here

Pat Juarez Bio Photo

Pat Juarez

I am Pat Juarez and I currently reside with my husband and one son, in Greenville, SC. My journey with Young Living began in March of 2012. I had experienced lesser quality essential oils over the course of many years, but with little to no health benefits. It was not until I discovered the incredible, life-changing, therapeutic quality of Young Living oils that my life took a significant turn. I now had, in my hands, the means to rid our home of toxic chemicals and help restore our health and wellness with these amazing products. In addition, Young Living generously provides us with a means to financial freedom and fills our lives with purpose and fulfillment as we share with others. Young Living transforms lives and we get to be a part of it. Sign up here  


Samuel & Naomi Karth  

We are Naomi & Sam Karth of Karth Scents in Warsaw, IN with our pets, including 3 dogs and 8 cats. We love hiking, reading and photography, plus have developed a deep interest in holistic animal care. We joined Young Living in 2013 on the journey to better health, enriching lifestyle and detoxing our home. We found that Young Living not only provide us access to high quality essential oils and supplements, but the business foundation allows us to pursue our dreams of better health, growing family & helping others! Sign up here


Tom & Carolyn Young

I am Carolyn Young from beautiful Washington State. When I met my husband, Tom, a naturopath and chiropractor, I was fascinated to learn that plants can support the immune system and boost health. In 2012, I was introduced to Young Living’s Valor blend. I was then able to focus and manage our 13 children (all of which are/were homeschooled)! I was amazed how other Young Living oils helped me manage stress and lift my spirits on a challenging day. These oils are the highest quality I have ever come across, and they have changed our lives!

We have one adult son and a daughter engaged to be married. A farm girl at heart, and we raise various critters including bunnies, pigs, and beef cows on a farm south of Seattle. We love being outdoors on a boat or kayak and making healthy natural foods! Sign up here   

Penny Clark

Tony & Penny Clark

I’m Penny Clark, child of God, wife of a sailor, Tony, for 15+ years and homeschooling mama to seven awesome blessings.  The Navy currently has us in Virginia but we’ve been many places throughout the country and even outside of it.  I first inquired about essential oils after a long winter of illness passing through my children.  As soon as it got through everyone, it seemed as if it would start back up again and I just knew there had to be a better way!  I’m thrilled to have found that better way.  We are now much healthier and have had an additional major bonus of building a business which is funding our future farm life.  We are all looking forward to the days after Tony’s retirement when we can just enjoy each other, our best friends and the great outdoors! Sign up here  

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