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This YLDist.com review hopes to provide as comprehensive a review as is possible.  It aims to highlight its pros & cons.  I spoke with Jeremy, the owner and developer of the site.  Jeremy is an accomplished graphic designer and very knowledgeable with web design.  He has a small team of developers helping him build the site.  I believe he has done a good job of engineering the site to meet the needs of a good portion of Young Living distributors.


The cost for YLDist is very reasonable!  You can sign up to pay three different ways, monthly ($14.99), quarterly ($38.00), or annually ($119.88).  There is no setup fee.  So the average annualized cost is $150.59.  Additionally, YLDist has a affiliate program which gives the member 10% of the amount of the level the referred member purchased.  So, for example, if you were to use my affiliate link and signed up for the monthly plan, I would receive $1.99 the first of the following month.  If you signed up with the annual plan, I would receive $11.99 the first of the following month.  So if you refer several friends you could have your subscription paid for each month.

As an added benefit, if you lead a team, Jeremy also offers team leaders a 15% coupon so their team can purchase a site through YLDist.  Once that coupon code is used 60 times he increases the discount to 20%.

Ease of Use:

The web site is very easy to navigate and use.  It is clean, professional, and simply made.  We know that in today’s society we only have 30 seconds to 1 minute to get somebody’s attention and keep them on our website.  Keeping a site easy to navigate and simple is a huge step to doing just that.  There is a full product catalog available to search (inc. items that were just released at convention this year).  Navigating to each product shows you a compliant description of that product.

By default the blog and events portions of the website are disabled.  To enable you simply need to check their checkboxes under your profile.  You will then see a button for each under the top navigation.

There are also several videos that Jeremy and his team has created to show users how to use the back office and create different things on their website.  So even those with little web experience can create a site, customize it and make it their own!


Outside of the blog and events, Jeremy’s team keeps the sites updated.  Anytime new product is released they update the catalog and make sure that all descriptions of oils are compliant.  So very little is required on the part of the website owner.


When you sign up for a YLDist account you put in your username and the URL that you send people to becomes YLDist.com/username.  Some people have no problem with this, but I would recommend is finding and purchasing a domain.  Once you purchase a domain, you’ll want to talk with domain provider hosting company and tell them you want to redirect traffic to another domain and give them your YLDist URL.  So this means that on top of your $119/yr you’re going to have the cost of the domain that your purchased which could be $1-$20 for a .com or .net domain ($1 if the domain provider is running a special promotion).

Back Office:

The back office is built on WordPress.  Some plugins are already installed, and you can request that others be made available and if they are compatible and don’t cause any problems, Jeremy is willing to accommodate where he can.  The back office has been customized a little so that there are other links that are static throughout and make navigating easier.  To update any information on your site, you just have to visit your account profile on the back office and you’ll see some added fields that you can update.


Since it is built on WordPress, it has blog functionality built in.  You can create your own posts and publish them just like you would on any other WordPress site.


  • Common back office (WordPress)
  • Site is integrated with Mail Chimp which you can populate from those that have subscribe to the site
  • Full up-to-date product catalog
  • Events calendar with RSVP functionality
  • YLDist updates main pages and product description
  • Generous referral program
  • Well-designed layout and color scheme
  • Training videos
  • Search engine optimization
  • Australian & Canadian catalogs are in development (UK coming soon thereafter)


  • Limited customization
  • Lack of personal domains (can purchase your own domain and have it redirected to your YLDist site)
  • Other than the top navigation there is not an easy way to change pages when your through an article or post (next page/next article)
  • Currently has 6 out of 12 farms listed, Jeremy said he is going to updating that soon!
  • When the blog and events are enabled, they should appear in the navigation, not as separate buttons below the navigation.  But that is a little nit picky. 😉


Another really nice thing that Jeremy has done is he has published some graphics that he has made free to the public.  You do not need to have a YLDist website to access these graphics.  And as I said, he is a very good graphics designer!   This shows us that he really does want to see us grow and expand our businesses!


Overall, I think YLDist is a great site for starting members.  It really offers everything new business builders need to start a online presence.  I believe there is a lot of potential in YLDist and it is one that I would be proud to have.  I would give it an overall grade of A.

Update – 9/22/15: When interviewing Jeremy, I made the assumption that he was the owner of the company.  That was a false assumption and I have been corrected.  His mom, Meshell, is the primary push behind the development of YLDIst.  It was Meshell’s push to have a custom tool built that got Jeremy developing YLDist.  They both work it together!  Another awesome benefit to network marketing!!!


I am a father of 9 and husband to the wonderful Kimberly! While this business started with Kim, we are now working it together! I quit my job at the beginning of April 2015 and we are working together to further this business and build our teams! Outside of that, I enjoy woodworking and working on my computer.

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