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This YLWebsite.com review hopes to provide as comprehensive a review as is possible.  It aims to highlight its pros & cons.

NOTE: Unfortunately, I did not hear back from a representative of the company prior to writing this review.  Therefore, I will not be able to provide as comprehensive review as I was able to do on the other sites.  I was not able to do a review of the back office, so I will not be able to accurately score it’s performance or ease of use.


YLWebsite.com membership is one of the cheaper sites that I reviewed, although not the cheapest.  It is only $14.95/mon, which annualized is $179.40/yr.  There is also no discount for pay for multiple months or a full year upfront.  I was also unable to tell if any other discounts (e.g. team discounts or affiliate program) exist.

Ease of Use:

Your first impression upon visiting the site is that it is simple and basic.  There are not a lot of bells and whistles integrated into this site.  The example website has a full catalog of products (oils, NingXia Red, massage oils, and diffusers), as well as a list of farms.  This provides a good starting point to pass on basic information and a good starting point to send people to.

Graphically, the site is fairly well designed.  It is fairly easy to navigate.  However, that is only a small percentage of what is necessary when building a website.  Especially, when your customers are relying on you to keep the content updated and it is their primary entry into a web site.  I did notice several inconsistencies with capitalization and grammatical errors throughout the site.

One huge downside is that the example web site is not mobile responsive.  Meaning the print and so forth will just be smaller when viewed on a mobile device.  A big reason this is a problem is that Google recently changed their search engine so that if you are searching for something on a mobile device and a site matching your search terms is not mobile responsive, that site will not appear in the search results.  This could be a huge problem for new builders since our society has gone to such a mobile heavy society!


As stated before, I was not able to interview anybody from YLWebsite to ask any questions, so I am not sure how maintenance is accomplished.  However, as far as being up-to-date, the example website is not!  While it has a full catalog of product (minus supplements), not all are displayed.  The new products that were released at convention this year are listed under More Products -> New instead of in the main essential oils category.  I also was unable to find some of the products (e.g. Build Your Dream essential oil blend) anywhere in the catalog.  The AromaLux diffuser only has a quick picture when showing diffusing Thieves.

Also, I was disappointed by the number of farms that the site mentions.  It only mentions 4 (St. Maries, Mona, France, and Guayaquil) out of the 12 farms that YL either owns or partners with.  This is a huge part of Young Living that I believe it should take a higher priority on a website that a distributor owns.


When you sign up for a YLWebsite account you put in your username and the URL that you send people to becomes YLWebsite.com/username.  Some people have no problem with this, but I would recommend is finding and purchasing a domain.  Once you purchase a domain, you’ll want to talk with domain provider hosting company and tell them you want to redirect traffic to another domain and give them your YLWebsite URL.  So this means that on top of your $180/yr you’re going to have the cost of the domain that your purchased which could be $1-$20 for a .com or .net domain ($1 if the domain provider is running a special promotion).

Back Office:

Again, I was unable to review a back office on the site, so I cannot provide a review of its functionality.


Overall, YLWebsite accounts have a good set of features.  Minimal customization is available, which is expected of a replicated website.  You can also add your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, or YouTube links to the site then that info will be populated throughout the site.  As I mentioned in the Ease of Use section, this is a very basic site.  I do not think it is intended to get you to Royal Crown Diamond.


As stated before, nobody from YLWebsite responded to my request for an interview.


Overall, I think YLWebsite is a decent replicated website for a beginner distributor if cost is a consideration.  But once you make Executive or Silver, you will want to consider moving to a different platform.  Something that provides you better business building tools.  If I had to grade the site based on what I’ve seen, it would have to be a C.  It provides a passing website, but just barely.


I am a father of 9 and husband to the wonderful Kimberly! While this business started with Kim, we are now working it together! I quit my job at the beginning of April 2015 and we are working together to further this business and build our teams! Outside of that, I enjoy woodworking and working on my computer.

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